Xtreme Air FAQ’s


What is the age requirement?

There is no age requirement. We use height to separate our jumpers. Anyone over 46” is an adult jumper and may go on the main courts. Any child under 46” is a junior and must stay in our Kids court.

-Can I jump with my small child?

As long as the child is over 46” they are able to do our main courts and you are able to jump with them. If the child is under 46″ they must remain on junior court and unfortunately no one over 46″ is able to jump there. You are able to interact with your child just not on the trampolines.

-Can we wear other facility socks?

No other jump socks are permitted. Xtreme Air socks must be purchased and worn at all times. They cost $2.95

-How tall do you have to be?

Adults are considered to be anyone over 46″. All junior jumpers are under 46″

-Do you accept the works gift cards?

Yes. They can be purchased at our hostess stand but applied to your bill in Xtreme Air.

-Can we reserve times?

Unfortunately, it is first come first serve. You may come earlier and reserve the time you are looking to jump on the same day.

-Does everyone need a waiver signed?

Yes, anyone who is planning to jump needs to have a waiver. Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian create an account for them and sign the waiver. If you are over the age of 18 you are able to create your own account. We do check IDs.

-Is there a place to sit and watch my kids jump?

Seating is limited. Tables are located by the courts but are reserved for booked parties. If there are no parties scheduled they may be used. We do have tables located close by in Slick Willy’s if there is no more seating in Xtreme Air.

-If my child has been there before do I need to resign the waiver?

No. The waiver is good once signed. It will only have to be resigned if another person is added to the same account at a later time.

-Is there a weight limit?

Maximum weight of jumpers may not exceed 300lbs.

-Are younger children restricted to one area?

Our kid’s court is for those jumpers who are under 46″. Anyone over 46″ is not permitted on these trampolines. There is a small foam pit, 6 trampoline court, and a rock climbing wall. There are also other small activities located in this area for parents to interact with their child.

-How does scheduling work and can I start jumping right when I get there?

Xtreme Air goes by 1 hour increments. Depending on when you arrive and set up at the registers will depend if you may have some wait time before you start to jump. If you have never been at our facility you must create and sign a waiver first. Any jumper who has been here just needs to sign in with one of our cashiers.

-Do you have lockers?

We do have a small seating area with free cubbies and we also have lockers for $1.00 in quarters.

Xtreme Air is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Your belongings are left at your own risk.

-Can I do the waiver online?

You can create an account and sign the waiver on our website catchxtremeair.com. We will need to see the ID of the account holder to verify all the information and signature is correct. If your child is coming with a friend but you have created the account, please just send a copy of the ID to be checked.

-What if I am under 18?

Anyone under 18 years old must have a parent or guardians create an account and sign the waiver. Xtreme Air does check IDs.

-Do you have birthday party packages?

We do have many party packages.

Please check out our website at catchxtremeair.com for more information.

Or call our event coordinator at 610-375-2700 Ext 220